Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Raining and Raining .... and Raining

We've had a lot of rain today, on already wet ground. The poor chickens were very keen to be out and about out of their run. So I let them out a little earlier than usual, but I didn't think they'd stay out too long in the rain. I was wrong!

So, they were looking pretty bedraggled by this afternoon, here's Sage, one of the Rhode Island Reds.

Here's Huffy, she gets a real "punk" look going on when she gets wet, but she wouldn't pose for a photo today.

Honey, though was the funniest, she just hung around on our porch, occasionally pecking on the front door- I think she was hoping to get let in to the "Big Coop" lol.

But the wet weather doesn't seem to have put them off laying, here are todays eggs, aren't they lovely colours and shapes.

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Just me said...

Debi I love all your chicky pic's! Sorry to read about Bambino. I have a bit of a fear of wing flapping birdies too! My chicken is on my kitchen table..she's made of a metal..she's very cute though! LOL My rooster is clay! He's a little guy but I adore him! Good luck with your brood!