Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chicken update

Well it's been a while, the chickens have looked a bit scraggy as most of them have been doing a full moult- and trust me that ain't pretty, seemed too mean to take their photos then.

Some of them are still "growing" their new feathers but most have shiney new ones. I especially love Huffy's new feathers I keep telling her she looks "Mighty Spruce"  she also has new "shoes" I love her feathered feet :-)

Here are some of the girls lining up to have their photo taken on the ramp.

Finally Doofy, Doofy is still practicing his crowing.... he's got  a way to go yet with that. He's getting real tall though.

Here's Doofy with some of "his" hens.

I love this picture of him running through the bush, he has a slight Moa look about him.

Have a great week.

Debi x

1 comment:

hazel said...

I love your chickens Debi - Doofy looks very handsome.
xxx Hazel.