Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We have decided to keep one rooster- Dooffy, he's a Rhode Island Red. He has a lovely gentle nature, he's not quite mature yet, so I guess that could still change. He's going to be one big chicken!

Here are the 2 Dorking hens, they are great friends, and are very social. So if they see you they run up and have a chat. They don't have names yet- so ideas please!!
They have the softest feathers, and despite being friendly are pretty hard to catch for a hug :-)

And finally Hetty, she's a  funny chicken :-) she hurt her leg last year, so she walks with  a bit of a limp, so doesn't get around quite as well as the others. But she's happy and loves to sit in certain spots and watch the world go by.

That's all from the chickadees this week.

Debi x