Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The Chicks are now big :-) and are only a few weeks off being integrated to our main flock or being prepared for the pot ahemmm.

We will have to start coming up with new names for the hens. We only have a name for one or two so far- Honey. She's a Buff Sussex.

This is one of the other hens, her name is Cleo she's a rhode island red.

And Bambino?? Bambino is growing, and she has many more feathers but it is very very slow, there is probably something wrong with her food absorption. We're giving her a food conditioner or tonic and this seems to have speeded up her growth somewhat, but she will never be a full sized chicken, least that's our fear. I'm thinking she may end up being the size of a bantum.

It's been a bit cold today, Jess wrapped her up in a furry blanket :-)

Debi x