Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So far you've only met a few of the chicks, Snowy one of our broody hens has been doing a great job of raising 2 chicks, one rhode island red and one sussex buff. These 2 chicks have the most feathers out of all of them.

and a close up of the rhodey chick that's bambino's sibling

When I got back home from work tonight Jerry has moved the inside chicks to outside on to the veranda, they're just getting to big to be in our living room, and their coop doesn't arrive until next week. They seem quite happy and it means for the first time they will actually experience a proper night time without any lamps, and that means they'll have to huddle.

And Bambino??
Bambino weighed in yesterday at 110grams, she's a tired chick today, as they've been in their run in the garden part of the day.
Here she is, look at those cute baby feathers.

have a great evening
Debi x

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