Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lego Chicks

While I was at work yesterday the boys took the chicks out of their box and they had a play, bet you never knew chicks like Lego too?
but it would seem they might :-)

They are starting to get quite big and are practicing flying- which I have to say is a bit freaky in the house, especially as the flapping aspect of birds is one that tends to make me scream.....

Here they are having a snuggle sleep.

And Finally to Bambino, well last night Jerry started to agree with me maybe Bambino isn't growing..... or is but very slow, she packs away the food but still seems very small compared to the others. So she had her first weigh in last night, she came in at 103g. We'll weigh her again today to see if she's grown :-) I think she's looking a bit bigger this morning, so fingers crossed.

Have a great day.

Debi x

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Maria said...

Oh Debi! How cute are these??? Absolutely gorgeous.....I'm sure a friend of mine will be very interested in following your chicken adventures. I'll forward your blog address on :-) Maria x