Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chick in a Slipper

A quiet day here on the chicken front, I can tell you the chicks don't like rain though, and made quite a noise as the rain came down and they were being carried back to their brooder box.

Bambino's settling well into her new intensive care routine, and is starting to eat really well and consistantly. Her weight today is 105grams.

and for cute photo of the day how about a chick in a slipper?

Have a great evening.

Debi x


hazel said...

A super photo Debi, I'm glad Banbino is doing well.
xxx Hazel.

Anna said...

Bambino is looking soooo cute! I'm so glad she's doing well :-) Fingers & toes crossed...!

Maria said...

Aw, what an adorable picture! I love this little chick :-)

Maria x