Friday, January 20, 2012

Bambino's Scare

Bambino gave me such a fright yesterday morning, hubby had decided that the chicks could live out in their brooder on the deck, but with no lights to keep the heat up. All the chicks except Bambino have heaps of feathers now. But Bambino is still a small ball of fluff. She seemed fine for the first night, but after the second night outside, yesterday morning she was comatose, not moving not talking and barely breathing. So in a big turn around for me- remember the bird phobia, I picked her up popped her under the lights and prayed and cried and prayed some more- within 20 minutes she was standing and talking again, relief isn't the word, thank you angels.

Here she is not long after:

We then had a long cuddle, I think she might be curing my chicken phobia :-)
But she had lost weight, she'd dropped down to 94g :-( Here she is today she's back up to 100g now.

And the other chicks? Here's a photo of the 2 chicks (no names yet) who've been raised by snowy, you can see how big they're getting. They are enjoying exploring the garden with their mom.

Have a great weekend.

Debi x

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